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I'm Exploring life with everything which is related to life, be it Technology, Be it Nature, be it humanity, be it World around me. I use my smartphone for clicking breath taking photos which you can checkout on my Instagram.

I'm introvert generally untill i find right and informative topic to discuss and learn. I have been speaker at multiple tech meetups and conferences and I love to share Knowledge and learn from everyone.

Dheeraj jha, Dheeraj thedijje

DevOps Engineer and Software Architect.

Passionate and Experienced Software Engineer Lead with 7+ years of experience in Product development, Software Architecture design, System design, Team leading, and DevOps.

  • Birthday: 14 May 1991
  • Website: ItsDheeraj.com
  • City: Faridabad, IN
  • Degree: B.Tech - KUK
  • Email: hello@thedijje.com
  • LinkedIN: @ItsDheerajDotMe

I've started my career as Fullstack PHP developer in 2014, followed by multiple learnings and opportunity to lead teams in various organisations, from 4 person to 15+ developer in my team. With Various expertiese in DevOps

I'm currently working as DevOps Engineer while leading the team for various roles they are working on.


While KPIs can be different in different organisations, raw numbers is something is universal to display

+ Happy Clients

+ Projects

+ Years of Experience


My role consisted of Setting up a team, Planning a development roadmap, Choosing an appropriate stack, developing lifecycle & milestones, and Launching and updating/improving in an agile way thus responsible for the efficiency of both product and team. Following are the skills I used during my experience.


PHP, Python, Ruby


EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, Cloudfront, ES, AWS CLI, SES, SQS, Lightsail, Lambda, Cloudwatch, IAM


Codeigniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Symphony, Flask, Ruby On Rails


React, Vue, Javascript, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, UI/UX


MySQL, MongoDB

DevOps and Automation

Ansible, Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, CI/CD, Terraform, Cloudformation, Grafana, Prometheous.

Tools and OS

Git, Apache2, Nginx, Linux/Ubuntu Server/RHEL/Mac and Windows



Faridabad, Hr - IN


+91 8826-810-280

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